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This is my personal config file.  It is customized for CTF, and saved as derek.cfg.  My autoexec.cfg contains two lines for CTF:  

exec derek.cfg
exec messages.cfg

For other mods or DM, the autoexec.cfg has an extra line which takes away the CTF specific commands and binds:

exec derek.cfg
exec message.cfg
exec noctf.cfg

Not all the alias's in this config are in use.  Some are left over from testing or are not actively in use.

**Note** I have not included the text of messages.cfg file.  You will need to set up your own chat binds.

The File

//Config file for Quake 2
//created by RQDxTheRock
//You may use this file as long as you do not delete  these lines
//Start of actual config stuff

// new stuff for testing

alias +pause "set rate .5; set cl_maxfps .5; echo I'm Flying..."
alias -pause "set rate 3600; set cl_maxfps $maxfps"

//fps adjustments
alias changefps "fps50"
alias fps90 "set cl_maxfps 90;set maxfps 90;alias changefps fps50;echo MaxFPS: 90" 
alias fps50 "set cl_maxfps 50;set maxfps 50;alias changefps fps37;echo MaxFPS: 50"
alias fps37 "set cl_maxfps 37;set maxfps 37;alias changefps fps90;echo MaxFPS: 37"

// set fisheye
alias +wa "fov 120"
alias -wa "fov $maxfov"

alias rview "fov 90;set maxfov 90;set fish 120"
alias xview "fov 110;set maxfov 110;set fish 140"

alias +wide "fov $fish"
alias -wide "fov $maxfov"

//use center hand when firing
alias +fire "hand 2; +attack"
alias -fire "-attack; hand 0"

alias duck0 "duck1"
alias duck1 "+movedown;alias duck0 duck2"
alias duck2 "-movedown;alias duck0 duck1"

//Nothing of Your Concern(Do Not Modify or Delete!)
alias LW "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias LWX "LW;LW;LW;LW;LW"
alias LWX3 "LWX2;LWX2;LWX2;LWX2;LWX2"
alias LWX4 "LWX3;LWX3;LWX3;LWX3;LWX3"
alias LWX5 "LWX4;LWX4;LWX4;LWX4;LWX4"

//The Single-Button SuperRocketJump
alias +srj "lookdown1;rjump"
alias -srj "lookdown2"
alias +srj2 "lookdown1;rjump2" //
alias -srj2 "lookdown2"
alias lookdown1 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias lookdown2 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200;-attack;-moveup;wait;wait;wait;centerview;cl_maxfps $maxfps"
alias rjump "+moveup;+attack;wait;wait;wait;wait;cl_maxfps 8"
alias rjump2 "+moveup;+attack;lwx;cl_maxfps 0;"

//The Freezer(You Can Freeze In Mid Air!)
alias +Stop "cl_maxfps 0"
alias -Stop "cl_maxfps $maxfps"

//Victory Dances - alternates
alias +VictoryDance1 "cl_forwardspeed 1;cl_yawspeed 1500;+left;+movedown;LWX;-left;+right;-movedown;+moveup;+lookup"
alias -VictoryDance1 "cl_forwardspeed 200;cl_yawspeed 180;-left;-movedown;-right;-moveup;-lookup;centerview"
alias +VictoryDance2 "cl_forwardspeed 1;cl_yawspeed 1500;+right;+moveup;LWX;-moveup;+movedown;-movedown;+lookdown;LWX3;-right;+left;-lookdown;+lookup"
alias -VictoryDance2 "cl_forwardspeed 200;cl_yawspeed 180;-right;-moveup;-movedown;-lookdown;-left;-lookup;centerview"

alias CH0 "+VictoryDance1;echo Doing a jig..;-VictoryDance1"
alias CH1 "+VictoryDance2;echo Dancin' on his grave;-VictoryDance2"

alias +Xoom "fov 10;vid_gamma .5;sensitivity $zoomsen"
alias -Xoom "fov $maxfov;vid_gamma 1;sensitivity $mousesen"
alias +autograpple "use grapple;+attack"
alias -Autograpple "-attack;weaplast"
alias +usehook "use grapple;cl_maxfps $lowfps"
alias -usehook "cl_maxfps $maxfps"
alias +slow "cl_maxfps $lowfps"
alias -slow "cl_maxfps $maxfps"

alias +SniperScope "fov 30;vid_gamma .5;sensitivity $zoomsen;crosshair 3"
alias -SniperScope "fov $maxfov;vid_gamma 1;sensitivity $mousesen;crosshair 1"

alias +launch "use grenades;+attack"
alias -launch "-attack;weaplast"

alias +launch2 "use grenade launcher;+attack"
alias -launch2 "-attack;weaplast"

alias defendbase "DEF0"
alias DEF0 "teaminfest;alias defendbase DEF1"
alias DEF1 "teamhelp;alias defendbase DEF0"

alias cam0 "cam1"
alias cam1 "msg6;alias cam0 cam2" 
alias cam2 "msg13;msg12;alias cam0 cam1"

alias TM "TM1"
alias TM1 "alias TM0 Team1;alias TM TM2;Echo Score message"
alias TM2 "alias TM0 Team2;alias TM TM3;Echo Same Team message"
alias TM3 "alias TM0 Team3;alias TM TM4;Echo HI-5 message"
alias TM4 "alias TM0 Team4;alias TM TM1;Echo Teamwork message"

alias IM "IM1"
alias IM1 "alias IM0 teamincom;alias IM IM2;Echo Assault msg"
alias IM2 "alias IM0 teamunder;alias IM IM1;Echo Underground Msg"

bind - "teamflagoff"
bind = "teamflagdef"
bind SHIFT "use Grapple"

bind TAB "inven"
bind ENTER "invuse"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind , "msg18"
bind . "admin;say Please type yes in console to vote"
//bind "wave 3"
bind ";" "stopsound"
bind + "teamflagdef"
bind - "teamflagoff"
bind / "msgvote"
bind 0 "teamloc"
bind 1 "use Blaster;use Machinegun"
bind 2 "use Shotgun;use Super Shotgun"
bind 3 "teamstatus"
bind 4 "teamgetflag"
bind 5 "teamquad"
bind 6 "TM0"
bind 7 "IM0"
bind 8 "defendbase"
bind 9 "teamfoundflag"
bind = "teamflagdef"
bind [ "invprev"
bind \ "say_team I dropped the %t %l;drop tech"
bind ] "invnext"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind a "+moveleft"
//bind b "use rebreather"
bind c "use Railgun"
bind d "+moveright"
bind e "use Grenade Launcher"
//bind f "use HyperBlaster"
bind f "use Shotgun;use Super Shotgun"
bind g "use grenades"
bind h "wave 0"
bind i "use invulnerability"
bind j "wave 1"
bind k "wave 2"
bind l "wave 4"
bind n "exec derek.cfg"
bind m "exec autoexec.cfg"
bind u "use quad damage"
bind p ""
bind o ""
bind q "use BFG10K"
bind r "use Rocket Launcher"
bind s "+forward"
bind t "messagemode"
bind u "use environment suit"
//bind v "CH"
bind b "ch0"
bind v "ch1"
bind w "use HyperBlaster;use Chaingun"
bind x "+back"
bind y "messagemode2"
//bind z "+pause"
bind z "+stop"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind BACKSPACE "Say_team Here take this.;invdrop"
bind ALT "+movedown"
bind CTRL "+sniperscope"
bind SHIFT "+usehook"
bind F1 "cmd help"
bind F12 "screenshot"

bind Uparrow +xoom
bind downarrow +wide
bind leftarrow xview
bind rightarrow rview 
bind INS "msg4"
bind DEL "msg3"
bind PGDN "msg1"
//bind PGUP "cam0"
bind PGUP "msg13;msg12"
bind HOME "msg5"
bind END "msg2"
bind KP_HOME "msg10"
bind KP_PGUP "msg9"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "msg14"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "msg15;msg15b"
bind KP_END "msg11"
bind KP_PGDN "msg12"
bind KP_5 "msg17"
bind KP_ENTER "+srj"
bind KP_INS "msg7"
bind KP_DEL "msg8"
bind KP_UPARROW "msg16"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "exec sukmeter.rc"
bind KP_MINUS "msgno"
bind KP_PLUS "msgyes"
bind KP_SLASH "teamdef"
bind * "teamoff"
//bind MOUSE1 "+fire"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "use Rocket Launcher"
bind MOUSE3 "+Autograpple"
bind MWHEELDOWN "use Super Shotgun"
bind MWHEELUP "use Grenade Launcher"
bind PAUSE "msghyper"

Alias graphon "bind F2 graphoff;netgraph 1;"
alias graphoff "bind F2 graphon;netgraph 0;"

alias rate0 "bind F3 rate1; rate 3600; echo Rate Set to 3600;"
alias rate1 "bind F3 rate2; rate 3000; echo Rate Set to 3000;"
alias rate2 "bind F3 rate3; rate 2500; echo Rate Set to 2500;"
alias rate3 "bind f3 rate4; rate 4000; echo Rate Set to 4000;"
alias rate4 "bind F3 rate0; rate 4500; echo Rate Set to 4500;"

set gender_auto "1"
set lookstrafe "0"
set lookspring "0"
set hand "2"
set freelook "1"
set cl_run "1"
//set cl_maxfps 50
//set maxfps 50
//echo Max FPS: 50
set lowfps 7
echo Low FPS: 7
set scr_conspeed "20"
set con_notifytime "8"
set m_filter "1"
set mousesen 10
set zoomsen 7
set cl_footsteps "0"
set logfile 1
sensitivity $nousesen
bind F4 "changefps"
//bind f5 "changelowfps"
bind f11 "exec lagmeter.rc"
bind f10 "exec hello.rc"
bind f5 "TM"
bind f6 "IM"
bind f8 "stopsound;say_team Quad %l will respawn in 60 seconds..;play quad60.wav"
bind f7 ";stopsound;say_team Quad will respawn in 30 seconds..;play quad30.wav"
bind f9 "say_team Someone Get the Quad NOW!"
//set gender "male"
//set skin "rqd/rqd_therock"
//set name "RQDxTheRock"
//bind pause "exec rqd.rc"
//bind scrolllock "Hyper Pussy!"
//alias test1 ";"
//alias test2 ";"
//alias test3 ";"
//alias test4 ";"
//alias test5 ";"
//alias -test1 ";"
//alias -test2 ";"
//alias -test3 ";"
//alias -test4 ";"
//alias -test5 ";"

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